In-vivo Biology

Vivo Biology services encompass a broad spectrum of capabilities designed to translate laboratory
discoveries into tangible therapeutic insights. Our end-to-end services include:

Animal Model Selection

Leveraging our deep expertise, we guide our partners in choosing the most suitable animal models for preclinical testing. Our selection process is driven by the therapeutic target and the specific attributes of the drug candidate, ensuring relevance and translatability to human disease.

Preclinical Study Design and Execution

Our team specializes in designing and conducting preclinical studies to investigate the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and overall efficacy of drug candidates. We are also adept at performing comprehensive toxicology evaluations to determine safety profiles.

In Vivo Pharmacology

Through meticulous in vivo pharmacological assessments, we explore the distribution, metabolism, excretion, and disease-modifying effects of drug candidates, providing invaluable insights into their therapeutic potential.

Toxicology Testing

Our toxicology testing services encompass both acute and chronic evaluations, aiming to uncover any potential long-term side effects, thus ensuring the safety of drug candidates.

Infrastructure and Instrumentation