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We have worked with LAXAI team for just over one year. We are very pleased with LAXAI’s work product on a variety of chemistry targets ranging from small molecules to enzyme substrates. These diverse targets require a number of unique synthetic skill sets and LAXAI has delivered exceptionally. What stands out most about our interaction with LAXAI is their commitment to excellence. LAXAI’s upper management frequently visits our company in-person and is eager to receive feedback in order to share with the team at LAXAI for continuous improvement. This “How can we do better?” philosophy has strengthened our confidence in the project team and LAXAI as a whole.

"US Biotech from West Coast"

We are very impressed by everything the team has done for the completed and the currently ongoing projects. Furthermore, their innovative approach in scientific conceptualization, execution and flexibility has contributed a lot to the success of our projects, a true demonstration for LAXAI as Partnered Research Origination (PRO). They are highly motivated to take on any challenges in the projects and always go above and beyond to provide us with the best quality and on-time delivery. We have a great confidence in their scientific and leadership teams. They function as our extended R&D arm.

"Andrew L. PhD., Director of Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry, Angion Biomedica Corp’s"

We were very impressed with the work of LAXAI team. The successful completion of the project is important, but to us, the desire to understand the underlying science is also critical. Successful completion of projects such as this allows our Scientists to have a greater confidence in LAXAI and also ensures better rapport stemming from the shared vision of scientific understanding.

"US MNC from West Coast, Advanced Intermediates"

Berg's Drug Discovery team has been working with LAXAI’s Medicinal Chemistry team for two years. We are very pleased with the outputs so far and look forward to expanding their support into one additional program. Over time, the LAXAI team has matured into one that understands Berg's needs very well and is adaptive and responsive to dynamic changes within the project.

"Vivek K. Vishnudas, PhD., SVP Drug Discovery and Platform Services, Berg Health"

Excellent manufacturing and quality systems. Very knowledgeable and experienced management team.

"Japanese Big Pharma, Medicinal Chemistry"


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