Drug Discovery

Integrated Drug Discovery

LAXAI is the place for seamless integration from target validation to Pre-clinical candidate selection under one roof across the multiple therapeutic areas. We offer our clients a wide range of customised integrated drug discovery and development solutions, with core expertise in medicinal chemistry further augmented by preclinical services like Biology, DMPK and toxicology. We have delivered many clinical candidates and several leads for our Collaborators. We offer the following services.

  1. Identification of Hit molecules (HI)
  2. Identification of Lead molecule (LI)

Medicinal & Synthetic chemistry

Our team consists of experienced professional chemists (Ph.D. and Masters) trained at leading big pharma companies and Universities in India, US an EU. Project-specific teams are organized upon client’s request and are always led by dedicated principal scientist and guided by experienced scientific management of LAXAI. Our highly skilled Medicinal Chemistry team with expertise and in-depth knowledge in preclinical drug discovery is well equipped to deliver on client’s expectations. The team has hands-on experience of working on projects in various therapeutic areas like Oncology, Central Nervous System, Inflammation, Metabolic Disorder and Anti-Infective.

Medicinal chemistry (Support):

Our team has the capability to do library synthesis, parallel synthesis, reference compounds, pro-drug synthesis, salt selection studies and Pre-clinical scale-up under GMP and non-GMP protocols.

Synthetic chemistry

Synthetic chemistry services provided by LAXAI are as below:

  1. Multi-step synthesis and characterisation of target molecules.
  2. Synthesis of Reference compounds and Metabolites
  3. Custom synthesis of macrocyclics, reference standards & Impurity synthesis
  4. Library design for Macrocyclic, Kinases, Proteases, Linkers of bioconjugation (anti-body, peptide drug-conjugates), heterocyclic based boronic acid, boronic esters, Carbohydrates, Peptides (10-12 amino acid side chains).
  5. Key intermediates synthesis of quantity from milligram to multi-kilogram scale.

We also synthesize compounds in a smallest quantity of a milligram to multi-kilogram in a cost efficient and in delivered in the given time. We deliver these compounds with COA’s, including analytical test reports and a concise final report in a format as desired by our client.

Research Informatics & In silico Drug Discovery

Our Computational Chemistry team excels in drug discovery design efforts in collaboration with medicinal chemistry, structural biology, biology and DMPK teams, by conducting molecular modelling studies – pharmacophore and QSAR modelling, protein structure-based drug design, ligand-based drug design, fragment-based drug design, homology modelling, docking & scoring, chemo-informatics analysis and de novo designs. The team extensively utilizes in-house expertise in software development, chemo-curation for driving molecular designs

In-vitro Biology

As part of integrated drug discovery services LAXAI provides high throughput platforms for rapid screening of compounds. We provide tailor made biochemical and cell based assay development services to meet the needs of clients to aid screening campaigns.


In vitro facilities at LAXAI provide ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) services with a quick turnaround time to enable faster and improved decision making points for our clients. We also offer this as standalone service.

In-vivo Biology


  1. PK in mouse and rat (Normal & Tumor bearing) for IND and NDA submissions
  2. Dog PK
  3. Rapid pilot PK for the early pre-clinical support
  4. Tissue distribution studies
  5. Excretion studies
  6. Bioavailability studies
  7. Statistical analysis of PK data using WinNonLin


  1. Oncology Models
  2. CNS Models
  3. Inflammation Models
  4. Metabolic Disease Models

ND/NDA/ANDA Enabling safety evaluations**

  1. Mammalian Toxicology
  2. Genetic Toxicology
  3. Safety Pharmacology
  4. Immunotoxicity
  5. Neurotoxicity
  6. Bio-analytical

*Studies will be carried at 3rd party preferred collaborator

**Studies will be performed under GLP and AAALAC accredited third party collaborator

Analytical R & D

LAXAI offers a range of analytical solutions supported by state of the art facilities, advanced analytical instruments and efficient analytical team. The analytical team works closely with our chemists and takes charge for method development, preparative purification and characterization, allowing the chemists to target the trouble-shooting time and efficiency, on delivery of chemistry.

  1. Method development & validation
  2. Structural Elucidation
  3. Stability studies
  4. Physicochemical property determination (logP, logD, Solubility, pKa)
  5. Impurity profiling


  1. NMR: Bruker 400 MHz and can perform 1H, 13C, 11B, 19F, 31P and 2D NMR experiments like COSY, ROSY, Hetero COSY, HMQC, HMBC and Variable temperature experiments
  2. HPLC: UV, PDA & ELSD detectors (Waters) including CIS and Chiral columns
  3. Preparative HPLC up to 2 g per injection
  4. LC-MS: Single quad (Agilent), Ion Trap (Thermo)
  5. GC-MS: Agilent with auto sampler
  6. Polarimeter: Jasco P-130
  7. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer: UV-2450, Shimadzu
  8. FTIR: Prestige 21, Shimadzu

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LAXAI supports customers achieve their Goals by strong emphasis on Safety, Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Efficiency by combining World Class Research Talent and Infrastructure with Cost Advantage.

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Speak With Expert

LAXAI supports customers achieve their Goals by strong emphasis on Safety, Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Efficiency by combining World Class Research Talent and Infrastructure with Cost Advantage.