Our vision is to become a preferred partner for Drug discovery, Development and Manufacturing for the Global pharmaceutical industry. This effort is to enable the creation of Innovative healthcare products that will improve the lives of people, while building a preeminent company with a culture of Initiative, Excellence and Co-operation focused on Exceeding expectations of the Community, Employees, Partners and Investors.

Our mission is inspired by our vision, which is to deliver cutting edge technological and scientific solutions to our patrons in the field of biopharmaceutics with a wide range of Integrated drug discovery and Development solutions; with core expertise founded in synthetic, medicinal and process chemistry which is further augmented by preclinical services including Biology, DMPK and Toxicology.


Integrated Drug Discovery Services

LAXAI is the place for seamless integration from target validation to Pre-clinical candidate selection under one roof across the multiple therapeutic areas.

Medicinal & Synthetic chemistry

Our team consists of experienced professional chemists (Ph.D. and Masters) trained at leading big pharma companies and Universities in India, US an EU.

Research Informatics & In-silico Drug Discovery

Our Computational Chemistry team excels in drug discovery design efforts in collaboration with medicinal chemistry, structural biology, biology and DMPK teams

In-vitro Biology

As part of integrated drug discovery services LAXAI provides high throughput platforms for rapid screening of compounds. We provide tailor made biochemical and cell based assay development services to meet the needs of clients to aid screening campaigns.


In vitro facilities at LAXAI provide ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) services with a quick turnaround time to enable faster and improved decision making points for our clients. We also offer this as standalone service.

In-vivo Biology

DMPK*: PK in mouse and rat (Normal & Tumor bearing) for IND and NDA submissions. Dog PK. Rapid pilot PK for the early pre-clinical support. Tissue distribution studies. Excretion studies. Bioavailability studies. Statistical analysis of PK data using WinNonLin

Analytical R & D

LAXAI offers a range of analytical solutions supported by state of the art facilities, advanced analytical instruments and efficient analytical team.


LAXAI is one stop solution partner for complete value chain of services from early discovery to commercial manufacturing.

Formulations R&D

Through a partner, LAXAI offers a range of formulations R&D services. The team is equipped with state of the art laboratories and latest of the instruments to ensure deliveries of highest standards.


We provide end-to-end services to bring a drug to the marketplace quickly and safely. We offer Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing solutions through the drug life cycle.


With two manufacturing facilities in Pashamylaram and Jeedimetla. LAXAI offers entire services for API and intermediates development including Lab assessment, Process optimization, Scale-up, API synthesis, API commercial Manufacturing.

Large Molecule Therapeutics

We have successfully created a portfolio of biosimilars based on their proprietary platform technology.



Vamsi Maddipatla

Chairman &

Ram Upadhayaya, PhD

Chief Executive

Raghava Reddy Kethiri, PhD

Chief Scientific

Murali Krishna Ukkalam, PhD


Nikhil Baheti

Chief Financial

Aparna Reddy, PhD

Chief Human Resources




LAXAI – Ferrer (ABAC Therapeutics) To develop First in class (FIC) antibiotics against life threatening infections LAXAI has been a strategic partner to ABAC Therapeutics Technical platform validation Delivered Pre-clinical Candidate with clean IP acting against gram-negative bacteria with unique mode of action

Aptose Biosciences Announces Exclusive collaborations with LAXAI for New Multi-Targeting Epigenetic Therapeutic Agents (10 November 2015) LAXAI to Design Next Generation Epigenetic Therapeutics LAXAI has been contributed in reviewing the target selection and devised the unique strategy with clear differentiation